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Department of Soil Biology and Biochemistry TEXT SIZE: A A A

    This department concentrates on the following topics: (1) relations between biodiversity of soil microbes and environmental changes, functions of microbes in the bio-geochemistry of elements and degradation of pollutants, and development and utilization of microbial resources; (2) biomonitoring dynamics of environmental hormones through the food chain, and bioaccumulation and risk assessment of pollutants in ecosystems; and (3) properties, composition, and transformation of organic matter in soil, including relations between organic matter as well as soil genesis and fertility. 


Key staff members and major research fields

Lin Xiangui, professor: Soil Microbial Diversity and Its Function in Ecosystems.
Dr. Dong Yuanhua, professor: Bio-indication of environmental quality and early warning of ecological safety.
Li Zhongpei, associate professor: Transformation of organic matter in soils and evolution of soil functions.