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Soil Utilization and Environmental Change Research Center TEXT SIZE: A A A

  This center focuses its research on (1) the material exchange processes between the pedosphere and the hydrosphere as well as the pedosphere and the atmosphere; (2) the factors controlling these material exchanges and their influencing mechanisms; (3) the responses of agro-ecosystems to global environmental change; and (4) impact assessments of soil utilization and intensity on regional and global environments.

Key staff members and major research fields

Dr. Cai Zucong, professor: Soil utilization and greenhouse gas emissions.
Dr. Zhu Jianguo, professor: Agro-ecosystem responses to changes in atmospheric composition.
Dr. Yang Hao, professor: Material transfer between the pedosphere and the hydrosphere and resultant environmental impacts.
Dr. Yin Bin, professor: Environmental impacts of fertilization.
Dr. HuZhengyi, professor: Atmospheric deposition and evolution of soil quality.