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This experiment station, constructed in 1985, is located in Yujiang County, Jiangxi Province. It is also one of the key member stations of the Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN) and a key laboratory for the ecology of red soils in Jiangxi Province. It is open to all scientists of various disciplines. The Red Soil Ecological Experiment Station is concerned mainly with important problems dealing with the ecological environment and management technology arising from exploitation and utilization of red soils. It primarily explores (1) the structure, function and productivity of red soil agricultural ecosystems, (2) characteristics of material cycling and energy transformation between red soils and the environment, and (3) relationships among regional resources, the environment, the economy and development rules, in order to provide a scientific basis for decision-making and technical support so as to enhance the ecological environment and sustainable agricultural development in red soil areas. ecosystems.

Key staff members and major research fields

Dr. He Yuanqiu, professor: Evolution law and regulation of red soil agricultural ecosystems.
Dr. Zhang Bin, associate professor: Theories for water and soil conservation in hilly areas and their application.