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So far the institute has received more than 50 national awards and 200 provincial-level awards of science and technology. In addition, it has published more than 350 academic books. In the past 5 yearsthe institute has received 18 different level awards of science and technology, published more than 3700 scientific papers and 40 academic books, and authorized more than 90 invention patents.

Since 2015, the ISSAS accomplished the goal of “Feature Institutes”with outstanding achievements in the technique for increasing soil fertility and its application in farmland, soil pollution process and remediation technique and application, and national soil resources inventory and decision support services.

 Representative  Achievement


Integrated Soil Management of Huan-Huai-Hai Plain

 Special Award of National S&T Progress

Rubber Forest Planting on High Latitude Soil

 First-class Award of National Invention

China Soil

 Second-class Award of National Natural Science

Paddy Soils of China

 Second-class award of National Natural Science

Chinese  Soil Taxonomy

 Second-class award of National Natural Science

Emission of CH4 and N2O in Natural and Artificial Wetlands in China

 Second-class award of National Natural Science

The Soil Fertility Improvement and Balanced Production Increasing Technology for Large Area and its Application in Huanghuai Region

 Second-class award of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award