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The State Key Laboratory of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2003, and passed the inspection in 2005. The Lab aims at the major scientific issue and key technologies during the process of degradation control of soil quality in China, deeply carrying out the application basic researches of soil quality evolution, developing new theories, new technologies and new methods of soil quality control and modern soil science, and providing scientific basis for decision-making in the Chinese food security, agricultural sustainable development and ecological environment construction.

The main research fields of the laboratory are as follows: 1) evolution law of soil resources under highly intensive human activities and strategies for prevention of their degradation, establishment of a soil resources information system and realization of digital management of the soil resources; 2) soil nutrient supply and regulation principles and approaches of plant nutrition, set-up of a technical system for agricultural cleaner production and high efficient utilization of water and fertilizer; 3) soil pollution and remediation theories and technologies of polluted soils to ensure soil environmental quality; 4) relations between soil use and environmental changes to explore models for harmonized development of the agriculture and environment; and 5) soil biological processes and related regulation techniques.