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National Engineering Laboratory of Soil Pollution Control and Remediation Technologies TEXT SIZE: A A A

The laboratory was established with the approval of the National Development and Reform Commission in 2016, aiming at the control and remediation of farmland soil pollution and the safe production of agricultural products in China. The key research and development areas includes 1) develop the technical equipment and method system of farmland soil pollution investigation, monitoring and risk assessment; 2) research and develop the farmland soil heavy metal bioavailability control and crop low absorption technologies, and the related remediating products and equipments; 3) research and develop the microbial, plant-microbial combined remediation technologies for organic contaminated farmland soils; 4) create an engineering application platform for the remediation technologies of contaminated farmland soil, establish remediation agent and equipment production line; 5) research and develop the farmland soil pollution prevention and control technology informationization.