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National Agro-Ecosystem Observation and Research Station in Yingtan TEXT SIZE: A A A
ingtan Red Soil Ecological Experiment Station was built in 1985, which became key station of Chinese Ecosystem Research Network (CERN) in 1989, the national agro-ecosystem observation and research station of Ministry of Science and Technology in 2005, and national agricultural scientific observation and experiment station of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2019. Red soil station is located at Liujiazhan, Yujiang County, Yingtan city, Jiangxi Province, which has a subtropical monsoon climate and represents the evergreen broad-leaved forest- agro-ecological zones in the hilly region of Southeast China. The red soil station focuses on the sustainable use of red soil resources, features variable charge soil science, and is based on long-term experimental research and monitoring of red soil ecological processes. (1) Long-term evolution and prediction of hydrology, soil, atmosphere, biology factors in red soil ecosystem, (2) Evolution mechanism and regulation of the structure, functions and key processes of the red soil ecosystem, (3) Technologies and models for the sustainable management of red soil ecosystems and the construction of regional ecological civilization.