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Bioaccumulation of Manure-borne Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Carrot and its Exposure Assessment 21-08-25
Pollution characteristics of livestock faeces and the key driver of the spread of antibiotic resistance genes 21-03-30
Risk Assessment of Agricultural Plastic Films Based on Release Kinetics of Phthalate Acid Esters 21-03-22
Adoption of Industrial-scale Aquaculture Causes Rapid Growth in Greenhouse Gas Emissions 19-03-12
Dissimilarity of Ascorbate–Glutathione (AsA-GSH) cycle mechanism in two rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars under exper... 13-12-19
Effects of crop residue returning on nitrous oxide emissions in agricultural soils 13-12-19
Inhibition of acidification of kaolinite and Alfisol by aluminum oxides through electrical double-layer interaction a... 13-12-19
Application of crop straw derived biochars to Cu(II) contaminated Ultisol: Evaluating role of alkali and organic func... 13-11-19
Heterotrophic and phototrophic 15N2 fixation and distribution of fixed 15N in a floo... 13-12-19
Sorption of oxytetracycline on biochar through surface complexation 13-11-01
A projection of ozone-induced wheat production loss in China and India for the years 2000 and 2020 with exposure-base... 13-12-16
Research progress in the successive process of microbial communities associate with straw decomposition in different ... 13-06-16
Research progress in relationship between nematodes and microbial communities in soil aggregates 13-12-16
Ammonium-induced shoot ethylene production is associated with the inhibition of lateral root formation in Arabidopsis 13-12-16
Temporal changes in shrinkage behavior of two paddy soils under alternative flooding and drying cycles and its conseq... 13-12-16
Soil pH drives the spatial distribution of bacterial communities along elevation 13-12-14
An electrostatic model predicting Cu and Ni toxicity to microbial processes in soils 13-12-11
Aluminum tolerance is associated with ammonium preference in plants 12-11-09
Diversity and function of paddy anoxygenic purple phototrophic bacteria and their responses to global climate changes 12-09-26
Geographic distance and pH drive bacterial distribution in alkaline lake sediments 12-09-26
Impact of Climate and Soil Type on Changes of Straw Composition During Long-term Decomposition of Straws 12-08-29
Ammonia oxidation in acidic soil through urea hydrolysis 12-08-28
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