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Global High-level Talents Recruitment jointly by Nanjing College of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and its Supporting Institutes TEXT SIZE: A A A
 In order to speed up the establishment and high-quality development of the Nanjing College of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS-NJC), and to promote the deep fusion of scientific research and education, we are now launching the global talents recruitment program. High-level talents both at home and abroad are warmly welcome to join the program.

I. Introduction of UCAS-NJC

UCAS-NJC is a branch college of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), and is jointly established by UCAS and Nanjing Municipal Government. It is fully supported by multiple institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), including: Nanjing Institute of Soil Science, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Paleontology, Nanjing Institute of Astronomy and Optical Technology, and Nanjing Innovation Center of Computing Technology Institute, Automation Institute and Software Institute. The superiority disciplines include soil science and modern agriculture, ecology and environmental science, geography and limnology, geology and stratigraphy, paleontology, astronomical optics and optoelectronic technology, computer science and technology, software engineering, and artificial intelligence. UCAS-NJC owns a team of high-level faculty consisting of ten Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences (or Engineering) and nearly one hundred high-level talents. UCAS-NJC also provides first-class research conditions. At present UCAS-NJC owns three National Key Labs, two National Engineering Research Labs and five State Field-observation Stations, which can provide excellent research resources and platforms for UCAS-NJC staff and students.

Embracing the motto of “Knowledge, Devotion, Investigation, Virtue” of UCAS, UCAS-NJC is running on the “Trinity” operation mode: taking the high-level talent cultivation as basis, the high-quality research as core, and serving the society as focus. The target is to explore its unique path and vision of integrating scientific research and innovative education, and to develop a top world-class college.

II. Recruitment principles

Both the ability and integrity will be considered equally for applicants. All interview procedures are conducted in full fair and justice for each qualified candidate.

III. Recruitment plan

1. Position Type

Scientific research and technological development

2. Research Field

(1)Stratigraphic paleontology,1-3 faculty

(2)Soil science, plant nutrition, ecology, biology, 3-4 faculty

(3)Limnology, aquatic ecology, physical lake science, watershed geography, 3-4 faculty

(4)Environmental science and engineering, 2-3 faculty

(5)Optical instrument design and debugging, precision mechanical design and structural analysis, computer and automatic control, electronics design and integration, 3-5 faculty

(6)Mobile communications, computer science and technology, software theory, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, control theory, 5-8 faculty

IV. Requirements

1. Owing good professional ethics and scientific literacy

2. Physically and mentally healthy

3. Candidates of high-level young talent program, or outstanding young talents with the equivalent level

4. With the Ph.D. degree

5. Born on or after Jan.1, 1975, but not limited to extraordinarily outstanding high-level talents

6. With high-level publications in top journals and the potential of offering postgraduate courses

V. Application Procedures

1. Application period and deadline

The registration will open from today to March 31, 2020. Candidates can only apply for one position.

2. How to apply

Please submit the application materials to the email address: jhzhang@njbas.ac.cn.

3. Application Materials

(1) application formsee the attachment

(2) ID card or Passport, PhD degree certificate, Certificate of professional qualification or appointment letter

(3) honor certificate

(4) list of eight representative publications

(5) 1-inch colored ID photo

(6) other supporting materials

The scanned copies of the above-mentioned materials should be compressed in sequence and sent to the specified mail address (jhzhang@njbas.ac.cn). These compressed files and email topic should be named in the form of "Applicant name + Research field + Position", which should be no more than 20Mb. All the information provided by candidates should be authentic, otherwise the qualifications will be cancelled.

4. Interview

Those who are qualified will be notified to participate in the comprehensive interview and assessment.

5. Medical Checkup

Those who have passed the interview will be organized to have medical checkup.

6. Publicity

The list of talents to be employed will be publicized on the UCAS-NJC website for 5 working days.

VI. Salary and Benefits

1. Employment

The talents to be employed will be offered staffing by UCAS-NJC and its supporting institutes.

2. Benefits

(1)Annual salary: 500,000 to 800,000 RMB in accordance with the talent level.

(2)Housing: high-grade turnover housing of no less than 60 square meters and 600,000 to 1200,000 RMB housing subsidies according to the talent level; or 80 to 120 square meters of mutual-property right housing of Nanjing accordingly.

(3)Start-up fund for scientific research: 1 million to 3 million start-up funding to support scientific research according to the talent level.

(4)Children enrollment: for those who are candidates for high-level talent plans, Nanjing Municipal Government will make arrangements for their children's enrollment.

VII. Contact Information

Contact: Mr. Zhang

Personnel Department of UCAS-NJC

Telephone: +86-25-57716939

E-mail: jhzhang@njbas.ac.cn

Website: http://www.njc.ucas.cn/to be established

or www.njb.cas.cn