The administrative staff of the Institute of Soil Science is dedicated to providing the best possible environment for its residential community of scientists and students.

  • Administration Office

    ◆  Organize major events and conferences;
    ◆  Undertake the management of the Institute’s general affairs;
    ◆  Coordinate the work of administrative departments;
    ◆  Carry out daily party affairs.

  • Division of Research Planning and Cooperation

    ◆  Assist in the formulation of scientific development planning and the work of discipline construction;
    ◆  Apply for science and technology programs sponsored by national ministries and commissions;
    ◆  Apply for scientific and technological rewards;
    ◆  Formulate regulations and rules for the science and technology administration;
    ◆  Take charge of international cooperation and foreign affairs, scientific and technological achievements transfer, intellectual property management, technology platform establishment, science and technology record retention, and academic activities organization, etc.

  • Division of Personnel Affairs

    ◆  Revise and execute regulations and rules for the personnel administration;
    ◆  Take the responsibility of employers’ compensation, benefits and social security payment, position emplyment and assessment, talent introduction and evaluation, cadres selection, appointment and removal, personnel archives keeping and updating, etc.

  • Division of Finance and Property

    ◆  Coordinate the process of budget draft, enforcement and performance evaluation;
    ◆  Prepare financial statements and strengthen financial management;
    ◆  Provide information support for the Institute’s significant economic decision-making;
    ◆  Lead the establishment of internal control system to prevent and neutralize financial risks;
    ◆  Promote reform of Institute’s functions and pair financial property management with scientific research.

  • Division of Graduate Education

    ◆ Take responsibility of the task of educating and managing graduates, including education system establishment, discipline construction, student enrollment and education, degree administration, ideological and political education, and daily management.

  • Campus Development and Logistics Support Office

    ◆  Take charge of Institute’s infrastructure, security, logistics and property management.

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