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If you plan to attend ISSCAS you’ll have to refer to the Admission Information Website of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS). See here ( for more information about applicable programs. The Institute only admits international students pursuing the doctoral degree.

At ISSCAS, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a rich academic community. ISSCAS embraces diversity, and gladly welcomes students from all over the globe.
Online Application

If you want to apply the doctoral programs, you are required to submit your application via the online application system ( Offline applications are not acceptable. 

  • Choose a program for your admission application

    You should first visit UCAS English website (, carefully read the call for application of the chosen program, check the eligibility criteria and make sure that you meet all the application requirements.

  • Fill in the application form and upload required materials

    Please follow the system instruction, use Chinese or English to fill in the application form correctly and upload all the required materials.

  • Check carefully again to ensure that all the information and materials you have provided are true and correct, and then submit your application.


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