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The Institute of Soil Science is one of the earliest institutions in China to carry out graduate education. Over the decades, both master’s and doctoral programs are offered at the Institute. And past years have witnessed our continuous efforts to cultivate excellent graduates for national major research and to improve education quality to stand as a top research institute in China.

  • Ecology

    Our master’s & doctorate program in Ecology prepares students to lead within ecology and related fields at the highest technical and academic levels. Students participate in advanced, original research, study cutting-edge technologies and tools, and focus their efforts on a specialization of their choice. We support specializations in the cycle and control of ecosystem material, microbial ecology and global change, non-point source pollution & environmental and ecological engineering, remediation theories and techniques of degraded ecosystem.
  • Environmental Science and Engineering

    The master’s & doctorate program in Environmental Science and Engineering provides individualized advancement for students with an established foundation in environment science and a passion for innovation. Students will enhance their core skills while expanding the breadth of their subject matter knowledge with comprehensive ability in solving problems in the field of resource and environment. We support specializations in soil pollution process and control, soil environment and global change, soil organism and ecological security, agricultural non-point source pollution and water pollution control engineering, soil and groundwater remediation engineering.
  • Agricultural Resources and Environment

    Addressing the challenges posed by a changing environment, population growth, and increased demands on our food, water and ecosystem is one of the defining tasks for China. Our master’s and doctorate program in Agricultural Resources and Environment provides students with unparalleled opportunities to learn and experience first-hand knowledge and techniques in soil science, plant nutrition, resources & environment and remote sensing information.
  • Cartography and Geographic Information System

    The master’s program in Cartography and Geographic Information System gives students to develop essential skills for both academic and industrial application. Participants will gain a wide breadth of advanced knowledge in the math, geography, cartography, principles and applications of remote sensing. They will also establish a deeper understanding of the discipline’s fundamentals which can make them attractive to a wide range of employers.
  • Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating

    Our master’s program in Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Combating provides students with graduate training centered on primary research, featuring concentrations on mechanism of soil erosion and environmental effects of soil erosion. Graduates finish the degree strongly positioned to pursue a range of postgraduate opportunities.
  • Resources and Environment

    Go beyond your compliance and enhance your knowledge of environment pollution and remediation. The master of engineering in Resources and Environment prepares and advance you in your environmental career as you learn to manage complexed issues in soil pollution control, groundwater remediation, non-point source pollution and water environment pollution, solid water disposal and soil environmental monitor and risks management.
  • Resources Utilization and Plant Protection

    Committed to fostering versatile talent, the master of agriculture in Resources Utilization and Plant Protection offers a range of courses in abatement measures of soil obstacle factors, medium and low yield land management, precise management of water and nutrients, new fertilizer creation and production, and other related fields.

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