The 7th Yellow Sea Ecosystem Symposium Convened in Nanjing

Date:Nov 30, 2023

From November 24 to 27, 2023, the 7th Yellow Sea Ecosystem Symposium (YES2023) was hosted by ISSCAS, Shantou University (STU) and Seoul National University (SNU) in Nanjing. The opening ceremony was presided over by Associate Prof. Hu Wenyou, YES2023 Co-Chair and welcome speeches were made by Prof. Yan Xiaoyuan, ISSCAS Deputy Director, Prof. Liu Wenhua, STU Vice President, and SNU Professor Jong Seong Khim.

Prof. Yan Xiaoyuan addressing welcome speech
Prof. Jong Seong Khim introducing YES 
Associate Prof. Hu Wenyou chairing the opening ceremony

The symposium received over 200 attendees from Chinese and Korean research institutes and universities, acting as a platform for scientists, engineers, people in environmental management and graduates from two countries. They exchanged experience and discoveries in environmental health and ecological safety, and shared trends in environmental management and policies. During the symposium, a tour was organized in T-FACE (Temperature by Free-Air CO2 Enrichment) which was developed by our institute to simulate climate change scenarios for the future.

Tour in T-FACE

The Yellow Sea Ecosystem Symposium (YES) has been successfully developed since its first symposium in 2015, upon the scientific needs and challenges on solving the coastal pollution issues around the very region. The themes and targets of the YES generally encompass multiple scientific fields; from chemistry, toxicology, ecology, geology, geography, and to environmental policy. The goal of the YES is to provide a platform for the next generation to share scientific knowledge and improvement of our understanding on the coastal ecosystem of East Asia. (source: Coastal ecosystem in East Asia: Pollution and management)

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