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5th international conference of plant technology successfully held in Nanjing TEXT SIZE: A A A

Institute of soil science, Chinese academy of sciences successfully homed to the 5th international phytotechnologies conference at the Nanjing international conference hotel on 22 October, 2008. Specialists and delegates, from China, America, Russia, England, Thailand, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, Canada, Holland, Mexico, Poland, South Africa, Uganda, Denmark, India, and Czech Republic and also Hong Kong andTai Wan, amounting to 115 attendees, participated in the conference.


International Phytotechnology Society sponsored the conference in collaboration with Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,(Soil and Environment Bioremediation Research Centre, Key Laboratory of Soil Environment and Pollution Remediation) and Key National Laboratory of Sustainable Soil and Agriculture.


On the morning of Oct. 23, Prof. Dr Yongming Lou (ISS-CAS) took charge in the opening ceremony. Vice director of ISSAS of China, Prof. Xin Jiang, addressed the opening session. And then the chairman of International Phytotechnology Society, Dr. Lee Newman, from the University of South Carolina, America delivered the ebullient speech. Dr. Steven Rock from USEPA, and Dr. Joel Burken from Missouri S&T, USA, and Prof. Minghung Wong from Baptist university of Hong Kong and Prof. Thomas Vaněk from the Laboratory of Plant and biocenology of Czech Republic and Prof. Zhihong Cao (ISS-CAS) were also invited to attend.


During the three-day meeting, experts and delegates discussed the phytoremedition of different contaminations, the phytotechnology of polluted soil, water and air, the fixing carbon by plant, the contaminant fate in plant, the monitoring of contaminants in plant and their ecological risks, covering, the manmade swamp and ecology recovering and rebuilding, with the forms of plenary sessions, team discussion and panels.

5th international conference of plant technology successfully held in Nanjing