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  Research Divisions
State Key Laboratory of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture 19-11-18
Key Laboratory of Soil Environment and Pollution Remediation 19-11-18
National Engineering Laboratory for Soil Nutrients Management 19-11-18
National Engineering Laboratory of Soil Pollution Control and Remediation Technologies 19-11-18
Key Laboratory of Arable Land Conservation, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs 19-11-18
National Observation and Research Station of Fengqiu Agro-Ecosystem 19-11-25
National Agro-Ecosystem Observation and Research Station in Yingtan 19-12-05
Changshu National Agro-Ecosystem Observation and Research Station 19-12-05
Zigui Ecological Experiment Station of the Three Gorges Project, Chinese Academy of Sciences 19-12-06
Soil Sub-Center of CERN 19-12-06
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