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  Research Divisions
State Key Lab of Soil and Sustainable Agriculture 09-08-27
Department of Soil Resources and Remote Sensing Applications 09-08-27
Department of Soil-Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers 09-08-27
Department of Soil Chemistry and Environmental Protection 09-08-27
Department of Soil Physics and Saline Soils 09-08-27
Department of Soil Biology and Biochemistry 09-08-27
Soil and Environmental Bioremediation Research Center 09-08-27
Soil Utilization and Environmental Change Research Center 09-08-27
Fengqiu Agro-ecological Experiment Station 09-08-27
Yingtan Red Soil Ecological Experiment Station 09-08-27
Changshu Agro-ecological Experiment Station 09-08-27
Soil Sub-center of CERN 09-08-27
Zigui Agro-ecological Monitoring and Research Station 09-08-27
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