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  Upcoming Events
The International Conference on Ecotechnologies for controlling non-point source pollution and protecting aquatic ec... 19-04-19
SustRem2014 - Welcome to the Scientific Committee 14-01-08
The 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Remediation 2012 12-05-29
The 2nd Announcement International Symposium on Biochar Research, Development and Application 11-08-13
The 1st Announcement International Symposium on Biochar Research, Development and Application 11-05-24
Seminar:A Darwinian approach to mine closure 10-11-30
Seminar:Phytoremediation and ecological restoration of metal-contaminated soils and mine wastes: the journey and the ... 10-11-30
Significance of Spatio-temporal Variations in plant-microbe competition for inorganic nitrogen 10-11-25
Seminar:Microbial Biomass and Enzymes Activity as a Key to Reveal the Mechanisms of Priming Effects in Soils 10-11-25
SEMINAR: Carbon Budget in the Rhizosphere 10-11-25
SEMINAR:Effects of plant species on methane emissions from wetlands 10-10-27
SEMINAR:Crusting changes soil erodibility: assessment and consequences for erosion modelling 10-10-13
On N and C as it relates to agricultural production 10-10-09
On Bioenergy 10-10-09
SEMINAR: Biochar properties and mitigation potential    10-10-06
SEMINAR:The natural C cycle and role of mineral-organic interactions in stabilizing humic C 10-10-06
SEMINAR:The effect of plants on the community composition of ammonia-oxidizing betaproteobacteria 10-09-20
SEMINAR:Ecological factors regulating methanotrophy in soils and sediments: Methylotrophy as a model in microbial eco... 10-09-20
19th World Congress of Soil Science, August 1-6, 2010 10-08-01
SEMINAR:Frontiers of Hydropedology and Critical Zone Science - Bring out the hidden half of the world : short questio... 10-07-15
SEMINAR:The role of soil microorganisms in the global cycle of atmospheric trace gases 10-05-16
SEMINAR:Microbial degradation of persistent organic pollutants 09-10-25
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