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The 15th Session of Conference on Chinese Ecological Research Network (CERN) Successfully Held in Zhengzhou TEXT SIZE: A A A


On April 22nd to 24th, 2008, the 15th session of conference on CERN, sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and undertaken by Institute of Soil Science (CAS) and Fengqiu Experimental Station for Agro-ecology (CAS), was successfully held in Zhengzhou. Directors from Committee of National Natural Science Foundation, Bureau of Resources and Environment (CAS), Bureau of International Affairs, as well as delegates from fellow field stations totaled over 200 attended the Meeting.


Feng Renguo, deputy director of Bureau of Resources and Environment (CAS), reported work progress of CERN in 2007 and research plan for 2008, and delivered the strategic program for 2008-2020. During the session, 9 prestigious ecologists such as Prof. Zhang Jiabao and Prof. Cai Zucong released research reports, and delegates present participated panel discussions on four topics, i.e., ecological process and productive potential of eco-systems, global change and adaptive countermeasures, degradation and rehabilitation of eco-systems and biodiversity and evaluation of eco-systems. Finally, each department of CERN delivered their annual work reports in tandem.


Ding Zhongli, vice president of CAS, sent the literal address to the conference, it said, construction of eco-friendly country is the ongoing goal of national development, and fiscal input on science and technology, agricultural development, environmental remedy and ecological rebuild is enhancing, and it’s a brand-new opportunity for CERN, of course, also an unprecedented challenge. Therefore, the development of CERN required enough emphasis on original innovation, team-work, open management and talents cultivation etc.


Fu Bojie, director of Bureau of Resources and Environment (CAS), and Yu Zhenliang, director of department of life sciences of Committee of National Nature and Science Foundation, delivered keynote speeches in succession, and put forward valuable suggestion and ardent hopes for further advancement of CERN.