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The Center for Soil and Environmental Analysis and Tests Successfully Passed the Third Appraisal and Surveillance of State Key Laboratory Ratification TEXT SIZE: A A A


Recently, the Center for Soil and Environmental Analysis and Tests, Institute of Soil Science, successfully passed the third appraisal and surveillance organized by the National Committee of Ratification for Quality Assessment. According to the requirements of “Ratification Principles for Laboratory Measurement and Calibration”, experts from the fields of environment monitoring and environmental protection inspected the staff, equipments, systems for quality management, measurement methods, et al. Blind sample test and left sample check were conducted on the measuring items, and all the items examined by blind sample tests were passed with high rank, and the others passed the check successfully. The whole quality system of the Center was highly recognized by the experts present. The Appraisal Group unanimously decided that each component of the Center met the requirements the ratification principles, each aspect of the systems for quality management functioned smoothly, and the Center passed the appraisal and surveillance successfully.