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The Second Extending Meeting of the 11th Session for Soil Science Society of China Held in Guangzhou TEXT SIZE: A A A

The second extending meeting of the 11th session for Soil Science Society of China (SSSC), also the symposium on the sustainable development of soil resources and eco-environmental security was convened in Guangzhou on Nov. 11-13, 2009.

The meeting was sponsored by the SSSC, affiliated to the Institute of Soil Science (ISSAS), and jointly undertaken by the Soil Science Society of Guangdong, Institute of Eco-environment and Soil Science of Guangdong, Institute of Soil Fertilizers, Academy of Guangdong Agricultural Science.

In the conference, “Regulations on Branch Institution Management of the SSSC” and “Ordinance on Group Member Management for the SSSC” were widely discussed and principally passed; the composition of “the development report on soil science in 2010-2011” was on the agenda. During the meeting, the secretariat and fellow special committees of the SSSC delivered the annual reports after personnel shift, and the Soil Science Societies of Sichuan and Guangdong gave separate representations for hosting the 12th Conference of National Member Representatives in 2012. The third extending meeting of the 11th session for Soil Science Society of China (SSSC) was determined to convene in Hainan in December 2010. Additionally, the 4th Sci-tech Reward of the SSSC was revealed and the director of the special committee for forest soil was appointed.

Over four hundred experts and students with soil fertilizer background, including academicians Zhao Qiguo and Zhu Zhaoliang, attended the symposium, 24 well-known experts were invited to give academic reports, and 75 research articles were received. The participants actively engaged in wide discussion, with topics mainly on scientific development and sustainable utilization of soil resources, basic information system and quality standardization of soil, formation process of soil limiting factors and its regulation, soil fertility elevation and high-efficient nutrient use, material cycling in pedosphere and their eco-environmental repercussion, high-intensive soil cultivation and global change, and sustainable high-quality agriculture and coordinated eco-environmental development. After the conference, the organizing committee submitted the advocating proposals titled “Strengthen the protection and utilization of soil resources and ensure the eco-environmental security and human health” to the provincial government of Guangdong.