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  Research Progress
Aluminum tolerance is associated with ammonium preference in plants 12-11-09
Diversity and function of paddy anoxygenic purple phototrophic bacteria and their responses to global climate changes 12-09-26
Geographic distance and pH drive bacterial distribution in alkaline lake sediments 12-09-26
Impact of Climate and Soil Type on Changes of Straw Composition During Long-term Decomposition of Straws 12-08-29
Ammonia oxidation in acidic soil through urea hydrolysis 12-08-28
The Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences found that the functional groups and carbonates ar... 11-01-07
CO2 mitigation potential in farmland of China by altering currentorganic matter a... 11-01-05
Methane emission from global rice fields and its mitigation potential 10-08-05
Biochar oven invented (Patent No. 200920232191.9) 10-07-12
National key basic research support foundation (973 project): Evolution of soil quality and its sustainable utilization 09-07-28
National key basic research support foundation (973 project): Mechanisms and regulation principles of evolution for t... 09-07-28
National major special science and technology project: Packaged technology for non-point sourced pollution controls o... 09-07-28
National Natural Science Foundation sponsored major project: Basic research on N behaviors and efficient utilization ... 09-07-28
Ministry of Science and Technology of China, NSFC, and CAS sponsored international cooperative project: FACE research... 09-07-28
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